Picking a Puppy

Picking a Labrador Retriever Puppy


  1. Blake Anderson Blake Anderson
    June 21, 2018    

    I am looking for a yellow female as a family pet and an occasional hunting dog. I have learned that good ones are really hard to find. Can you help? Please let me know if you are aware of any that are available now or in the near future and who the breeder is. Thank you! Blake

  2. Valorie Burke Valorie Burke
    July 3, 2018    

    Good afternoon,

    I am interested in a male English Chocolate Lab for the soonest availability.

    Thank you,

  3. Max Reed Max Reed
    August 12, 2019    

    we are interested in a Black Male Lab – ours 13 years old passed recently – while he cannot be replaced – we would like to do it again. Our Black Lab (Boxy Head English) Buddy was loved and he was a joy. When will you have puppies available ?

  4. David Woodard David Woodard
    December 28, 2019    

    I live on a farm in Alpharetta and am looking to buy a lab from one of your bloodlines. Are you still breeding labs or can you direct me to one of your previous customers who is? I am interested in any color, male or female. Thank you for any assistance you could provide. David